Schöliber (pronounced Sko – Liber)


Schöliber started out with the simple philosophy that Students are the best Teachers. Schöliber is a market place of learning. We’ve taken a different path than most online education technology companies. 

Every Student is good at something. Why not let Students teach other Students on subjects they’re good at? Students know how they learn so they can teach in a manner that is much more effective. They’re a lot more patient than adults and are more perspective in noticing if the audience is not getting it. 

We believe hours of tutoring produces a very low return for a high investment of your time. Students need specific help to get them over an immediate obstacle. Once over, they can figure out the rest themselves. Until they are faced with the next obstacle.

Schöliber offers Students help in the form of an easy to engage platform with enhanced capabilities to keep you engaged. We’re learning and evolving. Not everything in here is perfect. But we’re getting there!